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My Answers
Post from the Local Council (Comune)
What happens now?
Council Tax (I.M.U.)
Have I paid too much, too little or too late?
Utility bills
Water, refuse, electricity, telephone etc. So many bills. Who will pay them in my absence?
The garden is growing out of control.
Who will weed it, cut the grass, prune the trees and water the withering plants. Who will advise and do the work for me?
The drains are blocked, the roof leaks and who can clean the house for me?
Who can interact with my architect, builders and tradesmen and inform me of their progress and problems?
My car has broken down, my child is ill. Who can help me find and speak to a mechanic, doctor, lawyer or the local police?

I organize help.
I make telephone calls for you
I organize translations
I take control of all the bills and pay them on time.
I will inform you about the progress of your projects and liaise for you. Therefore your works and projects can be finished by the beginning of the holidays
I can contact and communicate with specialist garden contractors who will care for your garden.
I can contact and liaise with all tradesmen and service providers
I can acompany you to the offices of, doctors, lawyers, architects and tradesmen etc.

.... for work is done by the beginning of your holidays!

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